Saskatoon’s Healing Meditation & Massage Therapy for Woman


“My job is to assist, to support and hold space with ease and graciousness while woman begin to journey into the heart of all that is expanding in love and arising as pain (emotional, mental, physical – all same thing) within their present experience of life. Through a gradual process of meditation and healing touch the mind becomes sharp in the awareness of the reality that is one’s current body-mind state. Through practices like massage therapy and meditation, eventually it is realized that within the framework of the beautiful female body that houses the goddess within, all truth and wisdom is revealed. And, this is true for ALL beings, both men and woman alike. Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.” [Sheena]

Sheena is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) that would like to offer all flavours, expressions and kinds of woman the opportunity to experience healing and renewal through her deeply relaxing yet rejuvenating and awakening approach to massage therapy that integrates both realms of practical body-mind science and spiritual truth. Her approach is experiential, intuitive and compassionate.

“Part of our work together might include meditation, yoga and or using AUM Mantra for vibrational healing and release.” [Sheena]

May ALL beings leave any and all healing sessions they experience in this lifetime, feeling supplied with the energy that is necessary for them to achieve their goals. May they feel inspired to action and accomplish great things that align with their truer aspirations for a LIBERATED LIFE.

Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Soha
Om Hum Hanumate Namaha

* Sheena is pre-booking sessions NOW for MARCH 2014 *

Please schedule your session by EMAIL: OR through Facebook: Aum Tare Ray of Healing Massage & Meditation Services for Woman

Rate: $50.00 + GST for 1 hour session.
Refer a friend or family member: 
YOU receive a 3 Session Package Deal @ $135.00 + GST!

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Yoga & Massage Therapy Saskatoon

Aum Tare Ray of Healing Massage & Meditation Services for Woman

Shades of Red ~ Yoga*Dance*Art~

May all beings be whole and feel free to be exactly who they were meant to Be ~ See and exist Creatively & Expressively, Happily, Healthily and Harmoniously… AUM! 


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Beginner Yoga Saskatoon

JUNE 11 – JULY 16

Six Week Session for beginners AND the already practicing Yogi ~ Returning to Foundation; the energetic alignment and connection to Prana Life Force. Creation; integration and liberation within the vinyasa flow of poses (asanas). [Tuesdays 5:30-6:45pm w/ Sheena]

Vinyasa Flow Beginner Session: basics for namaskar variations- strengthening & liberating the yoga flow. Namaskar Variations- (variations in Sun Salutations)- are done to generate prana, the subtle energy, which activates the physical body. Performance is a steady, rhythmic sequence that reflects the rhythms of the Universe.

Basics: strengthen & align your vinyasa = FOUNDATION 
Play: experience movements of Prana w/in namaskar variations = CREATION
Flow: enter into the state of unified consciousness = LIBERATION

Six Week Registered Session: $75.00
Email: to register for this session.

Facebook Event Page: Foundation. Creation. Liberation. Yoga Session.

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